Expedite Contract Review at the Speed of AI

Stay Ahead, Stay Secure

Expedite Contract Review at the Speed of AI

Stay Ahead, Stay Secure

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Focusing on Vietnamese Jurisdiction

Our AI is trained on laws and court decisions, reviewed and published in our Legal Hub by our accredited lawyers

  • Stay Ahead of Legislation ChangesReceive concise, expertly curated summaries of law amendments, delivered directly to you via e-mail and in-app notifications.
  • Comply with effective laws in VietnamUpload documents and let our AI pinpoint legal conflicts for you, securing your compliance of your legal documents with precision and ease.
  • Review your scanned PDF and DOCX filesExperience the power of instant, accessible information, and comply even your scanned PDF documents thanks to our OCR and Document Intelligence.


Streamline Legal Expertise

Revolutionize your workflow with our comprehensive end-to-end solution

Legal Research

Get answers to your legal questions with citations to the law and access the Legal Hub to perform further legal research

Document Review

Search, summarize, compare, and extract information from your legal documents and comply with laws and internal policies


Empower your legal teams and supercharge every other department to boost the productivity of everyone


Business Intelligence

Understand your team's past performance, and identify the reasons with diagnostic analytics.



Unleash Full Organizational Potential

Transforming teams with legal knowledge furthering self-reliance

In-house Legal Counsel

Review your database of documents and configure your legal playbooks to enable your other departments


Close deals faster by leveraging the playbooks of your legal teams and get answers to your immediate legal questions


Review vendor contracts and apply red lines based on your organizational contracts playbook

Human Resources

Remain up-to-date with law amendments to quickly make changes to your labor contracts


Overcome the overlaps between different laws, and identify anomalies in your legal documents to detect and prevent fraud

Risk & Compliance

Conduct comprehensive risk assessments and proactively identify potential legal risks


Connect Apps

Connect the power of Legback with the tools you use every day



Boost Legal Work with Gen AI

Start a free trial or get a demo to explore the full capabilities


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US$100per user/month (2 months free)
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  • Features
  • Streamline contract compliance
  • Accelerate legal awareness
  • Power internal knowledge with AI
  • Clauses Libraries
  • Policies Libraries
  • Templates
  • FAQs

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  • Features
  • Unlimited users
  • Legal Hub
  • Compliance Frameworks
  • Contract Review
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Apps Integrations

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Harness AI in your workflows and master the legal landscape

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