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The first reliable AI legal assistant in Vietnam

Legback AI is trained extensively on Vietnamese laws and court decisions to bring reliable results you can trust.


AI Legal Research

  • Our AI understands & finds all relevant laws to documents in seconds
  • Summarise any laws or documents
  • Draft legal research memo for you with AI

Document Review AI

  • Share internal knowledge and counsel between team members intuitively
  • Access your company’s entire documents and key intelligence at your fingertips

Draft Contracts In Minutes

  • AI-search the right clauses from your contract repository
  • Generate document templates and clauses
  • Keep documents up-to-date with latest regulations

Collaborate Between Teams

  • Review documents with other departments
  • Never miss any document alterations made by other team members
Accurate Summarisation in Seconds

AI Summarise

Get accurate summarisation of any legal documents you want in seconds. Our AI simplifies due diligence for you.
Draft in Seconds

AI Draft

Generate quality legal research memos and contract clauses with unparalleled speed and precision.

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Data Privacy

Your data is always safe with us.

Legback takes your privacy very seriously.
Your documents are stored in your own document library. We analyze documents only in chunks, so the entire document can never be retrieved. Your data is always anonymised and encrypted.
Meet The Team

Our AI is built by world-class engineers, lawyers and backed by top-tier venture capital firm.

CEO, Co-Founder

Dung Tran

Serial entrepreneur with 2 successful startups.
Love to talk about how AI can transform the legal sphere.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, having founded two successful startups in the past. I am currently building an AI Legal Assistant to disrupt how lawyers and legal professionals perform legal research and document review.
CPTO, Co-Founder

Marc Chervalier

15+ Years in Product & Tech,
Built 2 SAAS B2B Startups to Series A & B

Enthusiast leader in IT Services and Digital Products in France and Asia Pacific. We built 2 B2B startups to series A & B in the past.
Partner at Antler

Erik Jonsson

Serial entrepreneur & investor