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How to Use Legback Add-In


  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Go to the Insert tab, select My Add-ins, then Get Add-ins.
  3. Search for Legback. Click Add to install.

Activating the Add-In:

  • Once installed, open the Legback tab in your Word ribbon to access the Add-In.
  • Upon first use, you'll be prompted to enter an API Key.
  • Retrieve your API Key from the Legback Web App: Navigate to Settings > Integration > Keys.
  • Enter your API Key in the provided field to activate the Add-In and access all features.

Using Features:

  • Chat: Click the Chat button to interact with your document for insights and assistance.
  • Rephrase: Use the Rephrase button to alter the wording of selected text for clarity or style using the rephrasing mode you like.
  • Translate: Click the Translate button to convert selected text into a Vietnamese or English using the translating mode you like.
  • Review: Select the Review button to check your document’s compliance with Vietnamese Law or company policies.

Quick Tips

  • Ensure your document is open in Word before using the Add-In features.
  • For detailed tasks like contract review, ensure you select the relevant text before using the feature.


Frequently asked questions answered

How do I install the Legback Add-In?

Go to the “Insert” tab in Microsoft Word, select “Add-ins,” then “Get Add-ins,” and search for “Legback.” Click "Add" to install.

What features does the Legback Add-In offer?

The Legback Add-In includes features like Chat for document interaction, Rephrase for rephrasing and Translate for translating text, and Review for legal compliance checks.

Can I use the Legback Add-In on any version of Microsoft Word?

The Legback Add-In is compatible with most recent versions of Microsoft Word. For the best experience, ensure your Word version is updated to the latest release.

How do I use the Review feature to check for legal compliance?

Select the text you want to review, click the "Compliance with the Law" button in the Review tab, and the Add-In will analyze the text for compliance with the specified the Vietnamese legal standards.

What should I do if the Legback Add-In is not working as expected?

Ensure your Word is up-to-date, restart the application, and try again. If issues persist, contact our support team through the help section in the Add-In or visit our support page online.

Still need help?

Contact our support at

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